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Duster Shiner revisited (Dusty)

tied by Joe Hard
Material List:
Hook; Daiichi 2546 1/0
Bead; Mill Hill Glass pebble bead 05086, peacock blue/green
Thread; white 8/0 uni
Gills; two 1 inch 2.5 cm. peices of red wool yarn
Wing: in steps from bottom up white poly pro yarn, pearslessecent Krystal Flash, white duster hair, more flash, lt.yellow duster hair, black Krystal flash, chartreuse , lt. blue/green duster hair. pearlessecent krystalflash. markers and sally hansens.
Tying Instructions: The head of this fly is about 1/4 inch, 7mm long.
Put the bead on the hook and hook in vice, Start the thread so there is enough room for the head of the fly and the bead. About the middle of the shank. Lay a small thread base rearward. then spiral wrap back to start. hold a peice of wool yarn on top of the shank, so the tag end facing rearward are above the hook point and attach while wraping rearward to where the thread wraps stopped, spiral wrap forward. Fold the forward tag end of the wool over and back and attach it in the same manner. Clip the end of the wool even with the hook point. Do the same on the bottom of the shank. Return thread with tight wraps and half hitch/ whip finnish. Surround the thread wraps with crazy glue gel and slide the bead up onto the thread wraps. Re-atach thread at start, add the tag ends of the wool peices to either side of the shank. whip finnish, (here I added a peice of yellow unistretch, eye formation white/ black/ yellow). Coat the thread wraps with head cement,sally hansens or crazy glue. If you want you can colour the thread wraps with a yellow marker but do not crazy glue. Tip the hook so the eye is pointing upward. Add a drop of regular crazy glue to the shank, letting the glue run into the bead.let dry. Can make a few of these up. Re position the hook in its normal position, and attach thread in front of bead about halfway between eye and bead. lat a thread base rearward to bead. then spiral wrap back. attach a peice of white polypro yarn to the top of the shank with the rear tag ends even with the back of the hook, a couple god firm wraps. clip the forward tag end, spiral wrap forwrad over the tag and then wrap rearward to the bead with close firm wraps. half hitch/whip finnish. Attach thread behind bead, pull the white poly pro yarn over and back making sure the yarn is smooth and flat over the bead and whip finnish. The thread can be doctored up and glued once again. Re-attach thread just behind the eye

Building of the wing, Take one strand of perlessecent Krystal flash and cut it into 4 inch, 10 cm lengths, attach it so that the rear tag ends are slightly longer than the poly pro and bind them down to the bead, spiral wrap thraed forward and then fold back the tag ends of the flash hanging out over the hook eye, and tie them in the same way. Take a small clump of white duster material and pull a few strand out a bit from the middle of the clump. attach the clump and wind thread to the bead then spiral wrap back. The clump of tag ends hanging over the hook eye can be trimmed to form a taper with the outer edges trimmed all arround and left longer in the center. Draw the clump over and back making sure ever thing is smoth over the bead. the next steps of flas and duster wing material are added in the same way making eack step a little longer. Mark the sides, back and head with markers. This fly can be tied with numerous materials, and colours to suit your area our its orriginal form, The Lake Erie Emerald shiner, Creator,Dave Schmezer. Having none of the materials calling for the fly I tied up a pattern I know call Dusty.

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