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Feather Brain Mack

tied by striblue
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: Striped Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Mackerel,
Material List:
Hook- 6/0 Mustad
Thread - White Danville flat wax.
Body- Ez-Body Mylar tubing, Pearl angel hair, White Rooster Cape feathers, Blue grizzly and chartreuse Grizzly saddle hackles.
Head- Epoxy
Eyes- pearl stick-on .
Tying Instructions: This fly is long and is a general bait fish pattern as a Mack. Although listed for stripers ..good for general application. Two spreaders of E-Z Body Mylar tubing..One at the rear and one in front. Each spreader has an application of three white rooster cape feathers ,and two blue grizzly and two chartreuse grizzly..on each side. Inside the fly at the rear of the rear spreader and inbetween both spreaders is an application of Pearl clumped and picked out angel hair. Applied epoxy at the top half of the head, add eeyes ,then last thin epoxy application and covered with hard as hull. The inner spreader feathers are only Super glue and goop. The second Photo is a view from the top to show actual profile.

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