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tied by cornmuse
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad Signature CS53 sizes 4 to 12
Thread: Brown 140 Denier
Tail: Ringneck Pheasant Rump
Body: Dubbed mixture of red fox squirrel back and burnt orange Antron
Hackle: 1 Turn of folded Ringneck Pheasant Rump
Head: 2 "Filoplumes" wound for two turns in front of hackle.
Tying Instructions: Select the brownish red ringneck rump feathers with a nice squared tip. Tie in as a tail. Dub a tapered body, make sure it's nice and spikey. Tie in a well marked pheasant rump feather, fold the barbs and make one turn. Hackle should be long and sparse, like a properly tied soft hackle. Tie in two filoplumes by their butts and take two turns to give a nice, thick "collar" in front of the hackle. Finish with a neat thread head.
Presentation Tips: Fish dead drift or with a twitching retrieve. This fly is a fine imitation of the nymph of a damsel fly, dragon fly or large mayfly such as a hexagenia or brown drake. When drifted along the bottom it can imitate a small female crayfish. If actively retrieved it also is a fair baitfish imitation. You can't fish this one wrong! Tie a bunch of them!

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