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Montana Wulff

tied by Crotalus
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Material List:
Hook- Mustad 94840 or similar size 10-14
Thread - Black 6/0 pre waxed
Wing - Moose body hair
Tail - Moose body hair
Body - Olive beaver fur
Hackle - Brown and grizzly, mixed

Tying Instructions: Tie wing from section of moose body hair
About 2/3 length up hook from bend.
(Wing should be as long as the shank of the hook)
Divide evenly and tie back until wing stands erect

Wrap back down the hook shank to secure and trim excess.
Wrap thread to bend of hook and tie in section of moose body hair for tail
(Tail should be as long as shank also)
Secure and trim off excess hair
Dub body from rear of the hook forward to base of the wing then tie in one brown and one grizzly hackle.
Continue wrapping thread to base of eye of hook
Then wrap the brown hackle forward and tie off, then wrap the grizzly hackle forward through the brown until you reach the base of the hooks eye.
Tie off and secure and trim excess hackle
Then whip finish

Credit given to OSD for basic instructions

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Montana Wulff

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