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Flounder Around

tied by striblue
Fly Type: Epoxy,
Target Species: Striped Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Flounder,
Material List:
Hook- 3/0 Varivas long Shank.
Thread- white Danville flat wax
Body- Cut foam-Tan
Topping- Mallard flanl feather-tan
Tail- Neon tan Kryastal flash and Cut Tan rabbit strip.
Eyes- Small gold stick-on
Belly- white acrylic Paint.
Weight-large lead dumbell
Tying Instructions: Cut foam to shape and cover with epoxy coat. Then drop on a mallard flank feather so thet the feather overhangs the foam to be fins. Let se. Set up hook and tie in dumbell eye toward the middle of the shank. Then tie in the Krystal flash (about 12 strands) and tye in the small segment of rabbit strip as the tail. Flip the fly over and supper glue the faom centered on the hook shank. then mark the top with red and brown magic markers as shown and several dots of white acylic pant. After it is set add in eyes and cover with a thin coat of Epoxy...let set. Turn fly over and epoxy in the hook shank to the foam...let set... Flip over and give a second final coat of Epoxy...flip over and Paint the bottom of the fly all white for the belly....flip over and cover the top with Hard as Hull... then flip over and , if the paint is dry cover that with Hard as hull.

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