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Bouface Clouser

tied by Dble Haul
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern, Weighted,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: not available Northeast US, Alaska, Western Canada, Eastern Canada, Central Canada,
Material List:
Hook: 2/0
Thread: 3/0, color to match pattern
Eyes: Dumbell Real Eyez
Tail: Magnum zonker strip
Collar: Alternating bands of marabou
Head: 5 minute epoxy
Tying Instructions: This is a wrinkle on John Barr's famous pike pattern, which is usually tied without weight or with a bead head. The dumbell eyes ensure that the fly will ride hook point up.

I've attached an image showing two of the more productive color combos, and I now tie these with only three layers of marabou for the collar. Four layers slowed the descent of the fly in the water (which sometimes isn't too bad a thing), but they also tended to get snarled in pike teeth. I think that this is a case of less being more.

I could use red thread and entirely hide the final layer of red marabou, but by using white or yellow (depending on pattern) I'm able to let a bit of the red show through and maintain a random mosaic of color up at the head.

Presentation Tips: This pattern is best worked slowly in intermediate depths.

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