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Marabou Spey

tied by Jens Lund Adamsen
Fly Type: Spey,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Material List:
marabou Spey
Hook: AJ Spey size 3
Tag: Oval gold
Rear hackle: Red cock and orange Whiting Spey
Rear body: Red holographic tinsel
Center hackle: Red cock and orange Whiting Spey
Front body: Red holographic tinsel
Front hackle: Red cock, Red Marabou and Black marabou
Sides: Jungle cock
Head: Red
Tying Instructions: Straight forward.
The fly is basically build like a Grub or Uldsock.
I use 7 hackles for this one. the 3 red cock hackles is supporting hackles to keep the fly a little more open in the water.
Presentation Tips: This is an attempt to make a very lively fly for slow current pools.

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