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Sean Synon

tied by birdy_34
Fly Type: Salmon Flies,
Material List:
Tag: oval silver tinsel and blue silk
Tail: a topping and Indian Crow (sub Orange Weaver Bird)
Butt: black Ostrich herl
Body: two turns gold silk followed by (in equal sections) gold, orange, blue, and brown Seal's fur
Ribs: oval silver tinsel and fine silver twist (flat silver used in this version)
Wing: Golden Pheasant tippets back to back (bleached tippets used in this version) and (repeatedtwice), married strips of yellow, red, blue goose (sub Turkey tail), Bustard, and black goose (Turkey)
Cheek: Jungle cock, Indian Crow (sub Orange Weaver Bird), Chatterer (sub Kingfisher), and Rifle Bird (sub small blue Peacock feather)
Topping: Golden Pheasant crest
Horns: Blue and Gold Macaw
Tying Instructions: Feather wing

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