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tied by Swe-Classics
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: Mackerel (Spanish, King etc.),
Recommended Region: South America,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Tail: Flashabou
Body:Silver flatbraid and loon soft head glue
Back:Peacock herl
Eyes: Beads

Tying Instructions: Start with the beads tie then in properly and put on some varnish. Tye in the flashabou in the back then add the peacock hearl and tye them in backwards. Add the flatbraid and wrap the body forwards and secure after the beads. Pull the peacock herl forward and secure. Secure the thread with some knots. Add loon softhead as body and start to build it. Finished
Presentation Tips: Will test this fly in Venezuela in the end of March

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