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tied by atroutbum2
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Hook Mustad c49s 18
thread Guiedbrod 10/0 black
body Moose Mane
thorax Peacock Herl
wing CDC puff
Tying Instructions: 1 put hook into vice, wrap thread down hook shank

2 tie moose mane by tip, spiral thread up to 1/3 shank length from eye. wrap moose mane up to thread, tie off and trim excess. Put a drop of head cement on body to reenforce body, let dry

3after glue dries, tie in herl, tie in cdc puff, wrap herl forming thorax, tie off and trim excess. leave aprox 1 1/2 hook eye lengths between end of thorax and hook eye

4 pull cdc puff over thorax, bind dowa at eye with a few wraps, lift excess wing and make a few wrapsbetween wing and hookeye. whip finnish

5 trim wing if necessary

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