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tied by Kyle Hand
Material List:
Hook: Ron Reinhold 9/0 Noble S
Tag: XF Oval gold tinsel, Gold, Blue, Claret silk divided with two turns of Blue eared pheasant tail fiber
Tail: Pair of Harvest Gold turkey body feathers
Butt: Black Ostrich
Body: In thirds, Rear third Gold silk ribbed with embossed blue tinsel, gold lace, and gold silk reverse ribbed with embossed blue tinsel, butted with black ostrich. Middle third, oval blue tinsel, blue silk ribbed with XF oval gold, and oval blue tinsel butted with wings of Black Wing Bronze turkey above and below and butted with black ostrich. Front third, claret silk, ribbed with blue seal and reverse ribbed with gold lace.
Wings: Regal Red hen turkey and Harvest Gold turkey above and below.
Sides: Indian crow subsitute
Veil: Blue Kingfisher
Head: Black
Tying Instructions: N/A

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