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Wind Dancer Variation

tied by Kyle Hand
Material List:
Hook: Ron Reinhold Phillips Limerick No. 1
Tag: Oval green tinsel, light green silk ribbed with peacock sword, white ostrich, orange seal, white ostrich, light green silk ribbed with peacock sword.
Tail: Orange and green dyed sooty slate turkey, with magnificent riflebird veil and Amgold crest over.
Butt: Black ostrich herl
Body: In two sections, rear olive floss ribbed with embossed copper tinsel veiled with scarlet macaw body feathers and butted with Olive oval tinsel. Front half, orange silk ribbed with olive oval tinsel.
Throat: Peacock body feather and orange hackle
Wing: Gray peacock pheasant
Sides: Lady Amherst pheasant, Impeyan pheasant, and Peach Golden pheasant.
Topping: Amgold pheasant crest
Head: Green seal fur.
Head: Black
Tying Instructions: N/A

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