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Roll Dem Bones

tied by Ronn Lucas
Fly Type: Salmon Flies,
Material List:

Hook: Heritage
Thread/Head: White/tan
Tag: Gold embossed, Oval silver UNI-Tinsel, tan UNI-Floss, ribbed with maroon & copper tinsel, veiled below with feather fluff from a Kori Bustard feather.
Tail: Immature Peacock crest, Beautiful Sunbird.
Butt: Hand made lampglass bead by Aimee Milan, natural Ostrich.
Body: Cream UNI-Floss, ribbed with Silver UNI-Tinsel on the sides of black floss, gold tinsel.
Throat: Jungle Cock, Teal, Quail.
Wing: Savoy Call Duck.
Shoulder: Jungle Cock.
Sides: Savoy Call Duck, Golden Pheasant.

Tying Instructions: This fly is named after the blues song of the same name. The wing was very hard to photograph and keep details in the image. It ia a very delicate and very pale ivory colour.

The hand made lampglass bead is by Aimee Milan

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