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Big Herring Feather Brain

tied by striblue
Fly Type: Bucktails/Deceivers,
Target Species: Striped Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook- 8/0 trey Combs big Game
Thread- white Danville flat wax.
Body- Olive , white and pale blue Rooster hen cape, White saddle hackles, Pearl flashabou, pearl angel hair.Long blue saddle hackle. Extra-large mylar tubing.
Eyes- Large silver stick-ons
Head- epoxy
Tying Instructions: Thsi is the standard feather brain... except the tail is tyed with two long olive rooster hen cape feathers for the tail kicker, then 6 white saddles hy-tyed low tyed off the back of the hook shank... Then two clumps of pearl flashabou on either sides of the white Hackles... then clumps of pearl angel hair tyed in in front of the back ties... then a super large spreader tyed in in a trumpet shape by the push back meathod.... then 3 white rooster capes gooped in on each side at the bottom.. than topped with 2 Pale blue rooster cape feathers on each side... then topped off with one long blue saddle hackles laid in flat... then epoxy to set head.... add eyes and final coat of epoxy

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