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Ice Blue Spey

tied by TroutBum
Fly Type: Spey,
Target Species: Atlantic Salmon,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
Thread: White Danville 6/0
Hook: 3/0 Daiichi #2051
Tag: Fine oval silver tinsel
Rib: Silver lace
Body: Rear half pearlescent white tinsel over
flat silver tinsel.
Front half Blue Horizon SLF dubbing.
Hackle: Light blue Schlappen
Collar: Silver Pheasant body feather.
Wings: Silver Doctor Blue goose shoulder strips.
Head: White ostrich herl and white thread

Tying Instructions: Lay down a smooth thread base from eye to above the hook point.
Tie in a 2" piece of fine oval tinsel to the bottom of the shank and wrap three or four turns forward nad secure to bottom of shank.
Advance thread forward to midpoint of the shank and tie in flat silver tinsel. Wrap tinsel rearward to oval tinsel and return to tie in point.
Tie in the pearlescent tinsel and cover the silver tinsel.
Tie in the silver lace on the bottom of the shank.
Tie in the schlappen on the near side of the shank.
Make a dubbing loop and apply slf dubbing.
Spiral wrap the silver lace five time toward eye and tie off on bottom of hook.
Fold the schlappen and spiral wrap the shank along the rear edge of the lace making two additional wraps at the eye.
Tie in Silver pheasant feather and wrap shank two and a half times.
Select two goose shoulder strips and attach to hook "Dee" style.
Tie in ostrich herl and wrap head three or four times.
Whip finish and lacquer head.

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