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Hair Brain

tied by FrenchCreek
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Pike,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
HOOK: Wide Gap hook (Daichii 2546 # 2/0 used here)
THREAD: 3/0, white & finish the head with red
UNDERBODY: Underbody & platform: Pale blue over white bucktail, tied along 2/3 of the shank;
BODY SPREADER: Large BodyBraid pushed back for a cone shape;
UNDER BODY: EP Fiber hair, white with Pearl Krystal flash; tied behind the spreader;
BODY: EP Fiber hair, white & pale olive, topped with Olive/Green Krystal flash and with a red EP fiber throat
Tying Instructions: STEP 1: Over wrap the hook with thread from rear to 2/3 up the hook shank, tie on the white bucktail platform then the pale blue bucktail on top, topped with pink Krystal flash, the platform should be about a 3 inch long extension beyond hook bend, make sure rear wraps are NOT tight, do not flare the platform;
STEP 2: Tie in white EP Fiber bunch on top of bucktail, to extend just a few inches beyond the bucktail. Top off with Pearl Krystal flash
STEP 3: Rotate the hook and tie in white EP Fiber bunch under the bucktail, same length as the bucktail, top off with Pearl Krystal flash;
STEP 4: Tie in the BodyBraid spreader, tie of, move the thread fwd and form the cone. Make sure you leave inch to the eye.
STEP 5: Tie in white EP Fiber full length (about 5 inches), covering the spreader, top off with olive/green Krystal flash;
STEP 6: Rotate the hook and tie in white EP Fiber bunch under the spreader, about 1 inch in length, covering the spreader. Tie in red EP Fiber under the spreader, about 3/4 inch in length, tied as a throat;
STEP 7: Rotate the hook and tie in pale olive (or dark olive or shades of blue) EP Fiber full length (about 5 inches), covering the spreader and extending inch beyond the white EP fiber & flash;
STEP 8: Tie off, change thread to red and finish the head.
Presentation Tips: This pattern was inspired in part by StripBlue's saltwater Feather Brain fly. e.g the use of a spreader to create a larger shape. It is a large profile fly but extremely light to cast. Fished with a dry line it will stay just under the surface and I fish it with slow retrieves about 10 inches at a time. Best for me in the late fall when whitefish are spawning and cruise in the shallows(2-3 feet depth). This fly seems to cause larger pike to act as "followers" so I use the quick direction change to trigger a strike. The small ones just attack it.

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