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Isonychia Nymph

tied by luvinbluegills
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Hook: 10 to 16
Thread: Red 6/0
Tail: Mallard Dyed Wood Duck
Abdomen: dark brown dubing
Thorax: dark brown dubbing
rib: black thread
Dorsal stripe: White floss (even dental floss)
Shellback: Pheasant or Turkey
legs: Mallard dyed Wood Duck
Head: Red thread
Tying Instructions: 1. Tie in tail 2/3 or so the hook length
2. Tie in Black thread for rib and White strand for stripe.
3. Dub abdomen. In this case, I used dark brown rabbit dubbing.
4. Lay stripe over abdomen, and hold with light thread wrap where the Thorax will begin.
5. Wrap black rib to same point.
6. You can tie off and cut the Black thread now, but don't cut the floss. Let it lay to the side.
7. Lay your Turkey or Pheasant segment in place to form the wingcase and tie in, being careful not to trap the floss underneath.
8. Dub a thorax at least 50% wider than the abdomen, up to twice the size of the abdomen.
9. Fold over the wingcase, tie off and cut.
10. Bring the floss over the wingcase, tie off and cut.
11. Tie in your legs, beard style.
12. Build you head and finish!

To have the body length gills, use whatever you use as a wingcase to cover the WHOLE back, and just tie in an aftershaft feather (shade of Gray) just before you dub the abdomen. I've had success without it using this fly, but it couldn't hurt. A little more action is almost always a good thing.! By the way, I tied this on a 16 swimming nymph hook.
Presentation Tips: I've had the most success fishing these like a cruiserweight Stonefly nymph. Tight to the bottom most of the time, but occassionally bouncing in the current. HOWEVER, after a careful bit of research and re-reading, this nymph is a very powerful swimmer, often mistaken for a small minnow due to it's quickness and agility, and certainly any presentation should keep this in mind.

[Please forgive the bad fly. I tied a bunch two years ago, and I only fish them when I know a hatch is on 'cause I usually go for more suggestive types than imitative. This is the last one I have and it's been chewed a bit.]

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