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Easy Foam Dragon/Damsel

tied by OLB
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Dragonflies,
Material List:
Hook-2XL Dry Fly Hook
Body-2mm foam
Wings- White HI VIS
Eyes- 7mm doll eyes
Tying Instructions: Stick a sewing needle in the jaws of your vise so it is parallel with the floor.

Measue the hook shank from the hook you're using. On this fly it is 15mm. Now take a sheet of 2mm foam and cut out a strip about 115mm long(4.5") by about 8 or so millimeters wide. Fold the piece of foam you just cut so that there is about 15mm overhanging the bottom part.(see pic)

Start your thread at the back of the folded piece of foam, don't wrap it around the needle, wrap it around the foam so you can easily pull it off.

Make your segments in the body. When you get to the last one, whip finish and pull the extended body off the needle.

Put your hook in the vise, start your thread at the front and tie in the front wing. Tie in the rear wing.

Lay your body you just formed so that the wrap where you whip finished it is above the bend, behind the rear wing. Tie it in and make a couple segments for your thorax. You should have about 7mm-8mm or so hanging over the hook eye. This is where we will glue the eyes on at the end.

Whip finish, cut your thread and super glue your eyes on.

Tip: When cutting your piece of foam, addt an extra 8mm to it's length. This way when you lay your body on the shank you'll have about 16mm hanging over the hook eye. Fold that backwards(in half) once the body is tied in and then you will have more surface area to glue your eyes to.

Presentation Tips: Chuck it out, make it splat, twitch a couple times and repeat, along the edges of cover.

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