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Thrown Together

tied by Kyle Hand
Material List:
Hook: Harrison Bartleet Blind Eye Size 5/0
Tag: Oval silver tinsel and blue silk
Butt: Black ostrich herl
Tail: GP crest veiled with GP transition feather
Body: Rear half red silk ribbed with oval silver tinsel and veiled with Giant Yellow Weaver butted with black ostrich herl. Front half, Purple silk ribbed with oval silver tinsel.
Hackle: Herter's Gold saddle
Throat: Vulturine
Underwing: Amgold tippet
Wing: Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple dyed Sooty Slate turkey, Amherst pheasant, Florican sub, Kori bustard
Sides: Wood duck, Jungle cock
Roof: Bronze mallard
Veils: Golden pheasant transition feather and Elegant pita
Topping: GP crest
Head: Black
Tying Instructions: N/A

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