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tied by Kyle Hand
Material List:
Hook: Gaelic Supreme Harrison Bartleet 8/0
Tag: Oval Silver tinsel, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue silk
Tail: Amgold Pheasant crest
Tail Veiling: Jungle cock dyed blue
Butt: Black Ostrich
Butt Veiling: Impeyan Pheasant
Rear body: Equal sections, Green lace tinsel, orange silk ribbed with oval lavender tinsel, green lace tinsel veiled with Gray Peacock Pheasant below
Rear Wing: Double wing, Kori Bustard, Sooty Slate turkey dyed orange and green
Mid body joint: Black ostrich herl
Front Body: Equal sections, Embossed blue tinsel, two turns oval green tinel, oval purple tinsel ribbed with greeen tinsel, two turns oval green tinsel, embossed blue tinsel.
Front Wing: Double wing, Kori bustard tail feather, Sooty slate turkey dyed blue and purple.
Throat: Gray peacock pheasant
Topping: Amgold pheasant crest
Head: Seal, mixture of blue, purple, orange and green.
Tying Instructions: Watch JP Dessaigne tutorial and videos.

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