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Femme Fatal

tied by fishinlk
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Hook : Mustad 37160 size #10-16
Thread: Uni-thread 8/0 to match color
Tail: 4 Moose Mane fibers divided
Egg sac: pale yellow closed cell foam, slightly melted
Body: Deer body hair
Wing: White zelon or any other straight poly wing material
Thorax: dun CDC plume
Wing case: pale yellow closed cell foam.

Tying Instructions: Prepare the egg sac by trimming a thin strip of closed cell foam then, holding a lighter about 4 below it melt the end of it slightly to achieve a round egg-like appearance. After wrapping a thread under body to the fly tie in the egg sac leaving about 1/8 hanging free of the end of the fly. Select 4 moose mane fibers and tie them on top of the hook and use the egg sac to divide it and secure the fibers. Select a stack of deer body hair and tie in at the thorax so that the tips extend slightly past the base of the egg sac. Over-wrap the deer hair back to just before the tips causing a slight flare making several wraps at the end then wrap the thread back to the thorax. Tie in the wing material at this point using a figure 8 wrap then wrapping each ping post with about 4-5 wraps of thread. Select another small strip of closed cell foam tying the base in over the wing with the tip hanging to the rear of the fly. Now select a long CDC plume and securely tying it in at the tip twist it creating a rope and thoroughly x-wrap the thorax of the fly to create a solid body and tie off at the head. Now pull the foam forward to the head and tie off trimming the excess to create a clean head.

Presentation Tips: This fly excels at fooling fish during the early evening hours when fish are rejecting traditional hackled and non-hackled spinner patterns in pre-spinner fall and early portion of the spinner fall when many females are dropping eggs.

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