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Perchy Keen

tied by Sean Juan
Fly Type: Bucktails/Deceivers,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass, Pike,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook - 2/0 saltwater

Thread - Fine Mono

Tail - 6 Yellow Saddle Hackles
Orange Krystal Flash

Body - Yellow Marabou

Lower Wing - Orange Craft Fur

Cheek - Grizzly Saddle Hackle

Upper Wing - Olive Craft Fur

Topping - Peacock Herl

Eye - Red stick-on
Tying Instructions: Tail - Tie in deceiver style 3 saddles on each side curvature in (praying hands) top with three strands of krystal flash tied in at center.

Body - at base of tail tie in two marabou plumes by the tip. Gently sweep all the fibers to tail - wetting the feather down helps a lot. Then palmer wrap the feather to the eye, sweeping the fibers back with each wrap. This is the trickest part of the fly since marabou does not behave as well as saddle hackle when palmered. The more wraps you make the thicker the body of the fly will be. Generally speaking I like to fish thick flies slow and thin flies faster.

Wing - Tie in orange craft fur then cheek, then olive, finally the peacock. With the craft fur you will want to remove the "underfur" by brushing it - I use a small cat comb.

Attach eyes to the cheeks with some goop, and coat the thread with your cement. I use Hard as Nails - yes the clerk at the local CVS does give the 260 pound man strange looks when he buys the trampy glittery colors.
Presentation Tips: This fly works best slow - the key being that the marabou is always breathing and pulsating in the water. For LMB I cast toward structure and let it sink. You can add weight to the fly, I've even tied it as one would a half and half but I find it works best without weight since the buoyancy of the marabou gives it a nice slow descent. For Pike - I will tie the marabou much thinner and fish it with a darting retrieve, it also helps to take a page out of your saltwater playbook and cast it on a shooting head with a 6 foot leader, when you need to get the fly deep but want that slow flutter for the last few feet to the bottom.

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