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Buzzers/ Chironomids

tied by Alex_F
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Material List:
Fly 1 (top)

Hook: Partridge Sedge YK2B, size 10 - 16

Silk: As colour of natural nymph.

Tail: A few strands of white floss or similar.

Body: Dyed Goose Quill as per natural. For Brown use Cock Pheasant center tail for bottle green use dyed CP center tail.

Rib: Strip of heavy guage clear polythene bag stretched. Sometimes pearl tinsel is useful.

Thorax Cover: As body.

Wing Buds: Goose Biot dyed sunburst then dyed hot orange to produce a tangerine colour.

Thorax: Seals fur dyed as body. For brown use fiery brown, for bottle green use green highlander.

Breathers: White wool split and figure eight tied to create two bunches.

Fly 2 (bottom)

Hook: Hayabusa Grub 384 or similar size 8 - 16.

Silk: Powersilk or similar as fly colour.

Body Stripped Peacock eye quill dyed as per nymph colour.

Rib: Powersilk.

Wing Case: Broad pearl tinsel.

Wing buds: Goose Biot dyed sunburst then hot orange to give a tangerine colour. Tied in by tips then folded under thorax toward head.

Breathers: White polyprop yarn.

Finish: Clear Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, two coats.

Tying Instructions: Fly2

The rib is made by leaving a long tail of silk (the bit you'd usually trim off) after tying the silk on. Leave that trailing from the hook bend until you've compleated the quill body then rib in open (3-5) turns, tie down the trim.
Presentation Tips: Fly 1 is for fishing the top three or four feet of water as it's got a nicer profile and has more translucency.

Fly 2 is designed for deeper fishing where quick desent to depth is required, four to fifteen feet.

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