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Ol' Al

tied by Kyle Hand
Fly Type: Salmon Flies,
Material List:
Tag: Red oval tinsel, yellow floss ribbed with blue oval tinsel butted with red ostrich, blue silk ribbed with red embossed tinsel butted with red ostrich and veiled above with Gray scaled quail.
Body: In two equal sections, first section red embossed tinsel, yellow ostrich herl and red embossed tinsel, veiled above and below with Argus pheasant overtail coverts and butted with red ostrich herl.
Front body section; blue oval tinsel, yellow ostrich herl and blue oval tinsel veiled above and below with Mearns quail.
Wings: Kori Bustard dyed red, blue and yellow divided by slips of Gray sooty turkey mounted above and below the hook.
Side veiling: Penguin
Topping: Golden pheasant crest
Head: Red ostrich herl and black thread
Tying Instructions: N/A

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