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tied by Cully
Target Species: Tarpon,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Material List:
3/0 Mustad
Chartreuse Thread Flat Waxed
Hollow Eyes
Chartreuse Bucktail
Chartreuse Crystal Flash
5 Minute Epoxy
Sharpie Marker
Guinea Feathers
Chartreuse Hackle
Tying Instructions: Tie in a Good bit of crystal Flash
Followed by Two Chartreuse Hackles on Each Side Curving In

Followed by Two Pairs on Each Side Curving Out
And Down

Now tie in the Guinea Hackle, One on Ea Side

Now Tie In 3 to 4 Good Clumps of Bucktail

Trim To Shape And Trim Flat on The Bottom

Apply The Eyes

Coat The Thread, Over the Eyes and The Bottom
that was trimmed Flat W/ Epoxy

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