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Something New

tied by Kyle Hand
Material List:
Hook: Alec Jackson 3.0 Silver
Tag: XF Oval silver and light blue silk
Tail: GP Crest
Butt: Black ostrich
Body: In two equal halves, rear half Lagartun Satin Embossed tinsel ribbed with Lagartun Round silver tinsel veiled with Pelican above and below, butted with black ostrich. Front half, Blue silk ribbed with oval silver tinsel on either side of red silk.
Throat: Silver Pheasant dyed light blue and blue eared pheasant.
Underwing: Pintail feathers
Wing: Dark Kori bustard and sooty slate turkey dyed dark blue.
Sides: JC
Veilings: White peacock and fairy blue birds
Topping: GP Crest
Head: Black thread, nail polish and Hard as Hull.
Tying Instructions: N/A

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