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Mallard and Claret (varient)

tied by Alex_F
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Material List:
Hook: 8 - 14 Cpt Hamilton wet or similar. This one on a size 10 Partridge CS7.

Silk: Black.

Tail: Golden Pheasant tippet dyed hot orange. Original fly undyed tippet.

Body: Mix of 10% black, 5% blood red and 85% dark claret Seals fur. Original, dark claret Seal.

Rib: Oval gold. Original, oval silver.

Wing: Bronze Mallard.

Hackle: Black Hen, three full turns. Original, black Cock beard.
Tying Instructions: The tail is dyed to accentuate the orange "trigger point" of the tippet.

Virtually all my Seal bodies are blends as they give a nicer "halo" effect than a single solid colour. With claret especially there are various blends ranging fom near black to near blood red. Different bodies work on different days and conditions.

The gold rib is there just because it seems to work better than silver on the waters I fish.

The hackle is full turns and swept back to blend with the wing giving the fly a good silouette and movement.

Tie larger sizes for Sea Trout.
Presentation Tips: Anywhere on a three fly cast, but best in middle or point.

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