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bead butts

tied by fish
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Material List:
Glass beads with metallic finish. Got them at the craft section at Walmart, had to fight a 10 year old girl for the last bag.

Seal fur dubbing, orange and brown

Orange ostrich herl
Tying Instructions: Free form:

put the dubbing in front. Slide the beads up snug, pick out the dubbing between the crack(s). Put on a hackle if you want. One here has ringneck pheasant back feather tips tied around for a collar. Start the thread on the back, brace the beads against the dubbing. Put on some herl if you want, the orange was handy when I made one of the flies so I just wrapped some on to cover the big thread brace.
Presentation Tips: Never fished them before. I reckon that they are sort of heavy a substitute peacock herl and might be good if bounced around on the bottom in a current. I will give them a try this spring.

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