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Tandem Snake

tied by luvinbluegills
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass, Peacock Bass, Pike, Trout,
Recommended Region: Other,
Material List:
Hooks: size 2 2xl Streamer
Thread: Brown 6/0
Tail: brown silli legs
Back: Pheasant rump and Brown Brown/Grizzly marabou
sides/belly: Mallard dyed Wood Duck
flash: Gold Krystal Flash
Head: Black fly foam
Eyes: Stick on flat eyes (Gold w/Black pupil)

Tying Instructions: 1. Put hook in vise.
2. Tie in two rubber legs for tail, extending past the bend equal length of the hook.
3. Tie in Pheasant rump like a tail, then another beneathe the hook starting just in front of the tie in of the previous feather, then another on top.
4. Tie in a strand ot two of Krystal flash on each side.
5. Tie in Wood Duck on each side, curved side in, reaching slightly past the bend of the hook. (the next time you tie in a Wood Duck pair, make it reach halfway down the previous feather.)
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until the hook is full.
7. Take a strand of mono no less than 20# test,(Wire could be used) run it through the eye of this hook, and then lash it to the rear of the next hook, using about 1/3 of the next hooks length. Leave just enough of a loop through the eye of the first hook so that the rear will swing freely. Zap a Gap the threads which hold the mono to the other hook.
8. after the glue dries, put the first hook in the vise, letting the rear portion hang behind.
9. Repeat steps 3-5, but instead of using Pheasant rump, use Brown and Brown Grizzly Marabou. When you tie in the first pair of Wood Duck feathers on the second hook, let them overlap the closest pair on the 1st hook.
10. When you get to the head, make the final feathers a pair of Wood Duck, and wrap a thread head. (Cut off thread at this point. You won't need it again.)
11. Cut a rectangle of fly foam (like you would use for hoppers) that, when folded vertivally over the eye of the hook, covers maybe 1/4 of the hook.
12. Poke a hole in the center of the foam, and slide it (vertically) over the eye of the hook.
13. Fold it down over the fly head so that the hook eye is just free of the foam on the other side.
14. Now that you know where the head will reach to, hold the bottom of the head against the hook, and put some glue on it.
15. Fold the top of the head down onto the bottom, and hold for a few moments for the glue to set. (I had to use my forceps because it took mine awhile to hold. This might be because the foam is a few years old, but just so you know.)
16. Let it rest a half our if needed, to be sure the glue is dry, then trim the head to shape.
17. Attach appropriate color eyes. I secure them with glue.
18. Fish!
Presentation Tips: Short, regular strips interrupted by long pauses. Think of every water snake you've seen swim, and do that. Fish it near weeds emerging from the water and hold on!

The other pictures are what you can do by following the same tying pattern. I used marabou instead of the often recommended Rabbit strips because my heaviest rod is a 6wt, and I needed something I could throw without killing myself!

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