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Chenille Charlie -

tied by Jimmy Aw
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: General Bluewater,
Recommended Region: Other,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
Hook : Daiichi, Size 4, 2 (You can varies the size of the hook for a bigger size.)
Thread : Danville 6/0 Flat, Prewaxed, White or Clear Mono
Upper Wing : Primarily Yellow Bucktail.
Body : Orange Flash Chenille.
Body Overlay : A few strands of pearl Flashabou if required.
Head : Bead Chain Eyes, Nearing to the head is also weighted with 7-8 coils of thin lead wire to give the fly a tipsy action.

Tying Instructions: 1) Tie approximately ¾ length thread bedding on the hook shank starting with the hook eye. Also include 7 to 8 rounds of lead wire around the front, secure the lead wire coils.
2) Tie in bead chain eyes & epoxy off at the head. ( I often do this process in bulk. Often tying 10 - 20 flies at one go.)
3) Once the epoxy dries off, you can began the next step. Tie in a body of flash chenile
4) Then, tie in the buck tail as the fly's upper wing.
5) Whip finish & re-epoxy the rest of the head to complete.

Presentation Tips: Names were always so confusing at the start of my fly fishing hobby. I was at a mixed in the past. Charlie ... Clouser.... all looks almost the same except that missing batch of fur on the bottom of that up riding hook... I named this fly initial with an error of a Clouser. Until I seriously wanted to write an write up of the pattern, I finally gotten an conclusion. I have to give this variant of the Crazy or Nasty Charlie (Initially created by Bob Nauheim), a closer name that resembles. "Shrimpy" the Chenille Charlie.

I started off doing bait fishing for more than a decade with live prawns. Therefore even though I switched from bait to fly fishing, I know what shrimps-would-be pattern can catch. I was flipping through plenty of shrimp patterns... coming across closer shrimp pattern like Ultra Shrimp etc.

Most patterns are nice but I need something more within the fly pattern. I needed a relatively easy to tie, good snag free quality & finally a fly with good resembances to a shrimp to fish the rocks. (I loved to fish over the rocky outcrop & breakwaters.) All these thoughts & needs combined... I finally came out with this variant pattern, "Shrimpy"

This fly's sinking rate can be adjusted by the amount of lead coil it holds on the hook shank.
During the day, retrieve of the fly should be jerky to simulate the escape motions of a prawn.
In the night, work this fly slow and steady, not too fast, bounce it along the rocks & you can be sure, at least the groupers will not mind some buck tails.

Last but not least, the 1st shrimpy was tied with synthetic material of those static duster. (You can see from one of the pictures - Blue Streak Hind.) Due to the fibre having no floating quality, the hook do not ride up most of the time. Snag free.... was definitely not a initial quality until I switch to buck tail for the wings.

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