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Super Minnow

tied by cheech
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Material List:
Hook: Dai ichi 1750 #4
Thread: Black Flymaster
Body: White crystal chenille
Gills: Rainbow angel hair
Wing: Black Zonker strip
Eyes: Prismatic eyes coated with 5 min epoxy

Underbody wrap with .035 lead

Tying Instructions: Wrap lead on body of fly.
Attach the zonker strip on the back of hook.
Attach and wrap chenille forward.
Tie in gills.
Create a bulky head and place eyes on. Reinforce them with super glue.
Add a layer of epoxy once the super glue has dried.
Presentation Tips: I like to fish this pattern in lakes where there are shad, or chubs. I fish it with success at Strawberry Res, in Utah.

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