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Tussle Bug

tied by kayakflyfisher
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Material List:
Mustad streamer hook size 12 to 16
Rayon embroidery thread or ultra chenille in contrasting colors
Crystal flash in contrasting colors
Micro dumbell eyes, or small bead chain eyes, or melted mono eyes depending on the sink rate desired
6/0 thread
Tying Instructions: Wrap thread to halfway point on hook shank
Bring thread forward and tie in dumbell eyes in figure eight pattern
Wrap thread back to just ahead of bend in hook
Tie in tail of contrasting crystal flash strands
Tie in two contrasting colors of embroidery thread
Using overhand knot weave construct a body to just behind eyes
Twist remaining embroidery thread into a rope and secure just ahead of eyes
Construct head, whip finish and apply head cement

Originated by Dirk Burton
Presentation Tips: Cast near bedding bream or crappie, allow to drop and retrieve by stripping slowly. Alternately use under a Clay's Hopper or other strike indicator

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