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tied by Carlos Marti
Fly Type: Inverted Hook,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Mexico,
Imitation: Dragonflies,
Material List:
Hook: Tiemco 205BL #14 to #8
Thread: 3/0 olive green
Tail: Peacock sword barbules
Body: 5 turns of 0.25 mm. lead substitute wire (placed on max. of hook bend to balance fly to ride "hook up") under green fuzzy Wapsi chenille
Wing: copper flashabou
Overwing: olive marabou
Eyes: small to medium size bead chain painted black.

Tying Instructions: Position hook with eye pointing down on vise. Jaws should grab hook behind the barb.
Start at the tail securing the peacock sword barbules halfway down the curve of the hook.
Reposition hook on vise (inverted).
"Palmer" thread forward to mid shank and let bobbin hang.
Take lead substitute wire and make 5 turns with it around hook shank.
Position lead wire on lowest part of shank.
Wrap thread tightly to secure lead in place.
Return thread to tail, secure chenille, take thread to front of lead wire.
Apply chenille with tight, close-together wraps until you get to where thread is hanging. Leave chenille hanging.
Tie in copper flashabou strands (sparse). Divide into two equal parts and push them to either side of fly.
Tie in the marabou wing. Marabou length should not exceed peacock tail tips.
Tie in the beadchain eyes using several figure eights. Make sure you leave enough space between hook eye and beadchain to allow for chenille head. Paint eyes with black permanent marker.
Place thread in front of eyes.
Continue wrapping the chenille to cover wing tie-in point (this should be right before the beadchain eyes).
Figure eight chenille between eyes to finish below the eyes just before hook eye. Secure chenille tip and snip excess.
Whip and snip. Add a drop of head cement.

Presentation Tips: Dead drift in currents.

Use three 2-3" strips in a slow "1, 2, 3, pause" count.

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