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Ostrich and Red Midge

tied by Fry Flier
Fly Type: Terrestrials & Midges,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Material List:
Thread- white 70 Denier UTC
Hook- 12 - 20 TMC#2487 Caddis Pupae
Body-Clear Liquid Lace injected with baby oil
Head-Natural Gray Ostrich Plume
Legs-Ostrich Plume Herl ends
Red Permanent marker
Black Permanent marker
Head Cement ******* Water Based- this is a must since Ethalene based cements will damage the Lace.
Tying Instructions: Dress your hook from eye end to 1/2 way around the curve of the hook and return to just short of the eye.
Lay Liquid Lace on top of the hook and tie down with 4-5 wraps on the end to lock it down.
Loose wrap the lace on top of the hook a take to 1/2 way on the curve of the hook. Again secure end with 4-5 tight wraps then return the thread to the eye of the hook.
Colour the thread and Liquid Lace on top of the hook with red marker from the hook curve to 2-3 eyes behind the eye of the hook, now colour the remaining 2-3 eye length with black marker.
Go to curved end of hook now and wrap over the coloured portion of the Liquid Lace with the clear tag end of the Liquid Lace until you come back to 2 eyes behind the eye of the hook. Secure tag end by locking it into place with 4-5 wraps of thread. Strip of 5-6 pieces of ostrich herl from the quill by pulling back slowly on the plume, this will give you a curly effect for the legs. Before attaching the legs to the underside of the hook colour them with the black marker. Now fix them into place 2 eye lengths from the hook eye on the bottom of the hook. Take one of the Natural Gray Herls that you have left over from the legs and wrap the collar on just ahead of the feet 3-4 times to give you the desired head for your fly. Tie off and trim, cement with water based head cement

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