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High Vis Adams Parachute

tied by OSD
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
High Vis Adams Parachute
Hook - standard dry fly hook size 12-18
Thread - Grey pre waxed 8/0
Tail - Grizzly and brown mixed hackle barbells
Body - Grey Poly dubbing
Wing post - High vis glow bug yarn
(Your choice of color)
Hackle - one grizzly and one brown

Tying Instructions: Cover the back half of your hook with thread and make a bump of thread at the rear of shank so as to have the hackle barbules point up when tying in.
Then use a mix of grizzly and brown hackle barbules
For your tailing make the tail as long as the hook shank.
Wrap in tail and trim excess.
Then wrap forward to about 2/3 the shanks length and tie in your choice of wing post color yarn
(I like glow bug yarn)
Make sure to wrap up the post to make a good base to wrap the hackle.
(some may want to add a drop of head cement on the post)
Now starting at the back of the hook shank dub a nice tapered forward body of grey poly dubbing and end at the base of the wing.
tie in one grizzly and one brown hackle on the hook shank at the base of the wing.
With the shiny side of the hackle facing up.
(Be sure to have sized your hackles)

Now wrap up the wing post with the first
(Reaching the top of the post in 1/2 of a turn)
Then wrap down the post three turns to the wing base (be sure to keep the hackles shiny side up)
Tie in at base of the eye of the hook trying not to trap many hackle fibers,
Repeat this with the second hackle
(When wrapping the second hackle - wiggle the hackle as you wrap trying not to trap hackle fibers from the first hackle)
Tie off and trim excess hackle
And use a half hitch tool to secure then cement and your finished

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