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Wooly Worm

tied by kschu
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Panfish,
Imitation: Worms,
Material List:
Hook: Nypmh, 3x long, down eye, 10-14
Thread: 6/0 Black (or Rust or Olive)
Body: Chenille Medium Brown
Tail: Darlon (#23 Flourescent Orange)
Body Hackle: Grizzly Hackle
(I like the Whiting 'Bugger Pack')
Rib: Gold or Copper wire
Underbody: .020 Lead wire
Tying Instructions: 1) Wrap 0.020 lead wire directly onto the hook. Cover about 1/2 the shank with the lead centered on shank. Overwrap with thread, building ramps on each end of the lead to keep the lead from shifting. Leave the thread at the back (half-way between the hook point and the barb).

2) Take two strands of Darlon. Double them over and hang the loose ends off the back of the hook for the tail. From where you tie in to the end of the tail should be about the distance of the hook gape. (See the picture) Tie the tail on top of the hook with three or four wraps and trim off the remaining Darlon. This piece can still be used for your next fly.

3) Tie in gold or copper wire at the bend. I tie it under or on the back side of the hook.

4) Strip off the end of the chenille leaving the about 1/4' of the core thread. Tie in the chenille at the tail and wrap the thread forward toward the hook eye. Leave at least one hook eye of space bare behind the eye. I like to tie a half-hitch here (so I can use the rotary feature of my vise in the next step).

5) Wrap the chenille forward. Use the rotary feature if your vise can do this. Tie off the chenille at the front.

6) Clean the base 'fuzz' off a hackle feather and tie it in (by the base) at the front of the hook. Don't crowd the hook eye. You'll want to build up a head as the last step.

7) Make two wraps of the hackle feather at the front and then palmer the hackle to the back. These wraps should be clockwise (over the top and down behind the hook, front to back). If your feather is long enough, you may not need hackle pliers to do this.

8) Use the wire ribbing (2 or 3 wraps) to secure the tip of the hackle at the back. These wraps should also be over the top and down in back, back to front. Doing it this way has the wire securing the stem of the hackle feather with each wrap around. Now if a fish bites down and breaks the hackle stem, the fly is still held together by the wire and will last longer. As you wrap the wire, go quickly in order to catch as few hackle fibers under the wire as possible.

9) Tie down the wire in front with the thread. Build up a head in the front and whip finish. I like to use a bit of thin head cement to finish off the thread head.

Try different colors of chennile for the body and you can try other bright colors of Darlon for the tail.
Presentation Tips: Depending on how much lead you used, this can sink quickly. I find it works best when fished close to shore. The Bluegills just love this one. I've caught some nice smallmouth on it as well.

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Wooly Worm

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