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All Purpose Nymph

tied by dsaavedra
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Tail: Golden Badger Hackle Barbs.

Abdomen: Coarse dubbing of choice.

Wingcase: Pheseant tail fibers, tie so the dull side is facing up in the final product.

Thorax: Same as abdomen.

Legs: Golden Badger hackle wrapped sparsley.
Tying Instructions: 1. Tie in tail
2. Wrap forward dubbed abdomen
3. Tie in section of pheseant tail fibers, with the colorful side up
4. Tie in a golden badger hackle
5. Dub a thorax
6. Wrap hackle 4 times
7. Fold over wingcase (dull side should be up now)
8. Whipfinish
9. Go Fishing!!!
Presentation Tips: Fish it like any nymph.

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