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Soft-hackle - Hi SmallieHunter, Well, I use many brands and styles in order to imitate different insects. The Hare & Starling, plus many others were tied on Mustad 3399A hooks, which are now Mustad Signature S-60. I also like the Daiichi 1550 and 1530. The Daiichi 1530 are a bit heavier, but shorter in the shank. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to get back to me.

SmallieHunter - Do you have a specific hook brand/style that you personally prefer for your soft hackles?

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Hare and Starling

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Hare and Starling

Hook: Standard wet fly 12-18

Thread: Dark Brown or Black

Hackle: Irredescent Starling

Tail: Starling fibers

Ribbing: Fine Gold Wire counter-wrapped

Body: Dark Natural Hare’s Mask-This fur has a dark brown or black base with blondish tips. Dub rough, Leisenring style.
Tying Instructions: Very simple to tie--Tie on the hackle so it sits on the shank pointed out over the eye. Wrap the thread down the shank and Tie on the tail. Attach the wire ribbing followed by the dubbing brush. Wrap the tying thread back down toward the eye, forming a tapered underbody. Wrap the body first, trimming excess and follow with the ribbing. Trim excess. Wrap the hackle, last, making only enough turns to not look overful. While holding the hackles back with the non-tying hands thumb and forefinger, slightly overwrap the hackle to hold it in position. Finish the head, whip finish and add cement.
Presentation Tips: Excellent for darkish colored mayflies and caddis, the fly can be fished as a nymph, standard wet on the swing or using the Leisenring lift. It can also be presented up or downstream in the surface or just below.

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