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Michael Verduin's Woven Woolly

tied by BusterWolfe
Fly Type: Terrestrials & Midges,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Worms,
Material List:
HOOK: 4XL Size 10. Original tied on Partridge Bartleet CS/10
THREAD: Black 6/0.
TAIL: Black goose biot.
LEAD: Two strands of .030 lead the length of the hook shank.
UNDERBODY: ˝-inch strip of open cell foam.
BODY: Woven black and chartreuse Vernille (Ultra Chenille medium).
HACKLE: White or cream, palmered.
HEAD: Black moose dubbing.

Tying Instructions: Start the thread one eye-length behind the eye and advance the thread to the end of the shank.
Tie in the goose biot tail at the end of the shank with the concave side of the biot facing up.
Tie in the lead strips, one on top of the length of the shaft, one underneath. Flatten the lead vertically to provide a slim profile.
Tie in the foam at the end of the shank, advance the thread to one eye-length behind the eye and wrap the foam the length to build up the underbody. Tie down the foam and reverse the thread in open wraps to the end of the shank.
Tie in the Vernille on each side of the fly facing toward the eye. Whip finish the thread and cut.
Weave the Vernille by tying an overhand knot with the chartreuse on top of the black vernille, then thread the hook shank through the knot, placing the black vernille closest to the top of the hook.
After the first knot, tie the hackle in tip-first with the two pieces of Vernille, and then continue tying knots with the Vernille until the foam is covered. Restart the thread in front of the woven Vernille, tie off the two Vernille tag ends and trim.
Palmer the hackle from the back of the body to the front, tie off and cut the excess.
Dub the head with black squirrel, whip finish and cement.

Presentation Tips: The fly sinks slowly, so a strike indicator is a plus. In a current, however, present the fly "on the swing."

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Michael Verduin's Woven Woolly

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