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mylar minnow

tied by flyboyutah
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Material List:
#10 Streammer hook
Black thread
Small nickle bead
3/16 eyes
4" piece mylar cord ( Lrg )
5" piece Clear Lace
Neon colored Embrodry thread
Red thread
Tying Instructions: Bead , fold mylar in half, pull onto hook up to bead
tie in eyes
tie in neon, lace , and red thread bobbin in
wrap neon emboss. to form tappered body
wrap lace over neon just almost to "gill" area, then rib lace ( in between lace ) with red thread then make a band for the "gill " area with red thread
tie off at front
fold mylar (the underside) up to hook than make a mark were the hook will percse mylar
tie in thread
then percse mylar (underside)@ mark made, pulling up to body and pulling top over
wrap to make band of thread
trim excess of mylar to about same length as body for tail
used head cement on tail band

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