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Soft-hackle - Thanks!

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Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear

Hook: Standard wet fly

Thread: Yellow

Hackle: Brown partridge or woodcock

Tail: Hen pheasant

Ribbing and Tag: Flat gold tinsel

Body: Natural Hare’s Ear taken from the lobe of the ear dubbed Leisenring style.

Wing: Grouse Primary

Tying Instructions: I make sure I leave enough space on the shank to finish the head when I tie on the thread.

After stripping one side of the hackle, I tie it to the shank appropriately either by the tip or stem. I wrap the thread down the shank and tie on the tail fibers. Trim excess. Next, I tie on the tinsel. I then tie on the dubbing brush. I then wrap the tying thread back down the shank short of the hackle where I wish to mount the wings. As I wrap the thread I form a slightly tapered body. Wrap the dubbing brush. Tie off and trim excess. I make one complete turn just above the tail with the tinsel to form a tag, then rib as usual; tie off; trim excess. I then brush the body, stroking back with a dampened tooth brush.

While holding the two sections of Grouse primary between my non-tying hands thumb and forefinger, I place the sections atop the shank, grasping the shank with these fingers. I then carefully overwrap the the wings starting with a soft overloop. The tying thread is then pulled tight, straight down below the fly to trap the butt sections and to hold the wings. This is repeated twice more before letting go of the wings. It is important to pull the thread straight down, or the wings will cock to one side. I then trim off the butt ends, and wrap them to the shank with the thread.

I then dub a little more Hare's Ear fur to the tying thread, just enough to make one turn close to the base of the wings. Then I wrap the hackle, about 1 full turn. Tie off and trim excess. While holding the hackle back with the thumb and forefinger of my non-tying hand, I slightly overwrap the hackle with tying thread to hold it in position. Then I form the head, whip finish and add cement.

Presentation Tips: Many know the reputation of the Hare's Ear. It is one deadly fly. I fish the larger sizes in the spring and get a little smaller as summer comes in. This fly is murder fished in a team or by itself. Fish it on the swing, or using the Leisenring lift or using the fast retrieve method.

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