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Snipe and Pheasant

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Snipe and Pheasant

Hook: Standard wet fly 12-18

Thread: Orange or brown

Hackle: Snipe or blue dun starling

Ribbing: Fine copper wire

Body: Three reddish brown fibers from a cock pheasant tail. For smaller flies, reduce the number of fibers

Note: This fly can be tied with a gray hen or pheasant tail fiber tail. Nemes also ties a similar pattern using Gray Partridge as hackle. You could also use blue dun hen.

Tying Instructions: Tie on the hackle to the shank by the stem so the tip points out, over the eye. Wrap the thread down toward the bend. Next tie on the ribbing and then the pheasant tail fibers. Wrap the tying thread back toward the eye forming a slightly tapered underbody as you go. Wrap the fibers, together, to cover the body. Tie off and trim excess. Counter-wrap the wire ribbing, tie off, tim excess. Wrap the hackle, next-2 turns, then Tie off and trim excess. While holding the hackles in a back-swept position with the thumb and index fingers of your non-tying hand, slightly overwrap the hackle to hold them swept back. Form the head, whip finish, and add cement.
Presentation Tips: Use in the film, or just below, upstream or down. Fish it on the swing, as a nymph-emerger, or using the Leisenring lift. I find the fly great during the Hendrickson Hatch and for Isonychia as well.

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