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All or Nothing

tied by luvinbluegills
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: not available Steelhead, Freshwater Bass, Panfish, Pike, Shad, Striped Bass, Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook: Size 10 streamer
Thread: White 6/0
Tag: Silver holographic tinsel
Body: Silver Braid
Throat: Red Polar Aire (or substitute)
Wing: 2 pieces of Holo tinsel, White Marabou, one strand each of every flash material you have.
Head: Thread head with eyes made from black marker
Tying Instructions: 1. Put hook in vise
2. tie in 2 pieces of Silver Holo Tinsel for the tag, about 1/4 the length of the body.
3. Tie in Silver Braid at the bend of the hook and wrap forward to just behind the eye of the hook.
4. Tie in the throat extending 1/4 hook length behind the eye of the hook.
5. Tie in two more pieces of Silver Holo Tinsel to start the wing. (Make the beginning tie in point of the wing the place where the back of the head will eventually be, and the farthest back wraps on the throat material. The picture shows what I mean.)
6. The wing continues by tying in a small portion of White Marabou that extends just past the bend of the hook. When dry this piece of Marabou should be no more than 3x the thickness of the body.
7. Finish the wing by tying in one strand each of every different color of flash material that you have, slightly longer than the Marabou.
8. By now you should have a pretty decent sized thread head. If not, make it bigger with wraps of thread.
9. Add eyes with a Black marker.
10. Finish the head with half hitches and cement, or by whatever method you prefer.
11. GO FISH!!
Presentation Tips: This streamer was developed on the basis of the many colors that are present in live bait fish. (Thank you JasonN and for the many fine examples!) Fish it with short erratic strips, interspersed with long pauses. I have yet to tie it larger than a size 10, but I believe that with the many long thin bait fish in saltwater, this would be a killer in 5-9 inch lengths with the appropriate build up of the body thickness. So far I've used it to catch Trout, Large/Smallmouth Bass, Hybrid Striped and White Bass, Bluegill and Crappie, Golden Shiners and Gizzard Shad, Yellow Perch and one Pike.

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