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Mel's Spider

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:

Mel’s Spider

Hook: Standard wet fly os short shank wet

Thread: Brown

Hackle: Honey Badger hen

Ribbing: Over abdomen-copper wire

Abdomen: Hare’s ear dubbed on brown thread-guard hair left in, Leisenring style.

Thorax: Gray ostrich herl.

Tying Instructions: First, Tie on the hackle with the the hackle pointing out over the eye. Wrap the thread down the shank short of the bend. The body, here, is shorter. Tie on the copper wire for ribbing. Then tie on the pre-made dubbing brush. Wrap the thread back down the hook leaving room for the thorax. Wrap the dubbing brush first, tie off and trim excess. Rib with the wire, tie off and trim excess. Tie on the ostrich herl, wrap to form thorax. Then tie off and trim excess. Wrap the hackle, 2 turns. Tie off and trim excess.

While holding the hackle swept back with the non-tying hands thumb and forefinger, slightly overwrap the hackle fibers to hold them in this position. Form head, whip finish, and add cement.
Presentation Tips: Use with the Leisenring lift, on the swing, or in the surface film or just below upstream or down.

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