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Deer Bug

tied by Floyd
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:
Hook ------- Mustad 94840
Body ------- Deer Hair
Head ------- Deer Hair
Wing ------- Webwing
Eyes -------- 25lb Mono
Antenna — Microfibetts
Thread ----- 3/0 Monocord

Tying Instructions: Start wrapping thread about 1/4 of the way back of the eye. Cover hook back to the bend, and a little past the bend. You don't want hair to spin. This fly is designed to float low on the waters surface. Hold a small bunch of hair over hook and make two wraps of thread about 1/8 inch from ends of hair. Pull thread tight and wrap thread in front of this bunch and repeat about three times and this should fill 3/4's of the hook. Now make a couple of half hitches and trim body to shape. Retie thread, and place wing on body and tie two wraps over wing and snug up. Not to tight. Wrap thread to front of hook and tie in eye's. Now tie on antennas, and make adjustments to them at this time. Take small bunch of hair and place between wing and eye with a couple of wraps and pull tight then cut off excess. Now is the time to trim wing and head to desired shape.

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