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Harvest Moon

tied by 1morecast
Fly Type: Spey,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Material List:
Hook; A/J # 3
Thread; Orange 6/0.
Tag; Meduim Copper flat tinsel.
Tail; Dyed orange GP crest.
Rib; Meduim Copper flat tinsel.
Butt; Burnt orange floss.
Body: 1/4 flourescent orange dubbing, 3/4 burnt orange dubbing.
Hackle; Dyed orange BEP.
Wing; Dyed orange Amherst tail.
Collar;Two turns dyed orange ringneck pheasant,followed by two turns of teal.
Cheeks; Jungle cock.
Head; Red.
Tying Instructions: Standard spey dressing.
Presentation Tips: I tye this pattern for summer steelhead, fished on a floating line with the classic down, and across swing.Tyed on a larger hook I imagine that this fly could be succesfull in the winter, fished on a sink tip.

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