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Woolhead Baitfish

tied by SmallieHunter
Material List:
Hook: 4X Long Streamer Hook
Tail: White Rabbit Strip
Body: White Rabbit Strip over Pearl Diamond Braid
Head: White Rams Wool trimmed to shape
Tying Instructions: 1. Tie in the lead eyes on top of the hook shank. Be sure to leave plenty of room to make the head of the fly. Bring thread back to bend of the hook.

2. Hold the hook in your hand and turn the hook upside down, pierce the rabbit strip at the point where you want the tail to begin. Since this fly rides "hook up" you want the fur to be reaching up toward the hook point. Slide the strip around the bend of the hook. Spread out the fur and make a few wraps to secure into place. Do not trim the excess rabbit strip.

3. Tie in the pearl diamond braid and wrap around the hook and tie it in right behind the lead eyes. Trip any excess.

4. Bring your rabbit strip foward, pull it tight, and tie it in right behind the lead eyes. Trim any excess.

5. Now your going to begin building the head. Tie in your first layer of wool using long fibers so that it flows back to make a seamless transition from the wool to the rabbit strip. Continue to stack the wool up the hook shank using as much wool as you can so that when you trim it will be nice and compact.

6. Trip the wool to your desired shape. Go slow and don't take too much off at a time.

Now you have a baitfish pattern that has nice action with the rabbit strip but also keeps a good profile with the wool head.

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