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Tups Indispensible

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Tups Indispensible

Hook: Standard wet fly 12-16

Thread: Yellow

Hackle: Blue dun hen

Abdomen: Pale yellow buttonhole twist

Thorax: A mix of pink, white and orange rabbit dubbing. The result should be a pinkish orange.

Tying Instructions: Tie the hackle on so the tip points out over the eye. Wrap the tying thread back to the bend and tie on the silk twist. Wrap the tying thread back down the shank, leaving room for the thorax. Form the slightly tapered underbody as you wrap the thread back.

Dub the thorax directly to the tying thread. Wraop the hackle, tie it off, and trim excess. While holding the hackle fibers swept back with the thumb and forefinger of the non-tying hand, slightly overwrap the hackle fibers to hold them in position. Form the head, whip finish and add cement.

Presentation Tips: I fish it in the surface or just below uspstream and down. Also with the Leisenring Lift, on the swing.

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