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Bullet Head Diver

tied by dsaavedra
Fly Type: Poppers/Sliders,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
tail: 3ply thin nylon rope fibers, frayed out like no tomorrow!!!

body: pearl white chenille

head: 4mm thick foam w/ a lip made of that impossible-to-open-without-scissors packaging plastic
Tying Instructions: pre assemble head first. take two pieces of 2mm craft foam and glue together. then poke a hole in the middle. thats it. then make the lip out of that packaging plastic. set these aside for later.

tie on a tail of about 6 pieces of whole nylon rope (meaning all 3 plys are in tact, not separated) tie on and wrap the chenille to about half way point. now take the head and slide the eye of the hook thru the hole. then fold it over so that the two sides touch. apply CA glue to the inside of this head and squeeze the top and bottom half of the head together. hold until dry. cut a slit for the lip and glue the lip in. finally add some googly eyes just for fun :)

now on to the dreaded tail. on this fly i actually too the time to take my bodkin and separate and fray all the fibers. on a later fly, i got smart and just took wire bristled brush and went to town on it. first, you must use your bodkin to separate the 3plys of each piece. thats not problem tho. once its all separated, just go at it w/ that wire bristled brush.
Presentation Tips: A pretty gaudy pattern. fish it on the surface using quick jerks to make it dive then pop back up. you could try to make it swim by using repeated long jerks.

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