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Bunny Nymph

tied by deeky
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Dragonflies,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad #9672, size 8
Thread: Uni Thread, 8/0 olive
Eyes: Burned Mono, Colored Black
Body: Olive Zonker Strip
Legs: Olive Rubber Skirt Material
Tying Instructions: Start by tying in the eyes. Then trim the hair from about 1/8" to 3/16" at the end of the zonker strip. Tie this in upside down and trailing off the back of the hook. Then tie in two sets of legs on either side of the hook. Fold the zonker strip forward and tie in over the eyes. Using the hair you innitially trimmed from the zonker strip as dubbing, dub over the eye/head area of the fly.

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